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Spiritual Summer Camp

Posted May 14, 2004

The 15 day Spiritual Summer camp organized by ISKCON - Navi Mumbai evoked a very good response from the children. The children learnt to sing bhajans for the Lord, chant the holy names, learnt selected slokas from Bhagavad Geeta with the meaning and understood the moral and spiritual values from the stories taught from different Puranas. They were also taken on a Spiritual picnic to ISKCON temple in Juhu, where they met children from other centers and they performed programs in the stage along with other children.

Venu Krishna das who was organizing the program in Vashi said this to us "Children are like creeper and if you put them in a wrong place they would grow there. So, it is the responsibility of all the parent to give not only material education but also knowledge of our tradition and spiritual values so that their children would grow up as per vedic culture and be good citizen in future, fully God conscious in all their activities. He stressed that the success of the Spiritual camp was due to parents who felt that instead of sending their children for other camp, they should send their children to something which is beneficial to the children."

About the future plans Venu Krishna das said "We wish to conduct similar programs in future for those children who could not take advantage earlier. As regards the children who attended the program, we wish to conduct weekly classes for an hour or so, so that they will stay in touch with the our tradition."

Venu Krishna das can be contacted on 27895762 or