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Sri Pran Pratistha at ISKCON Siliguri

by Tusti Mohan Krsna das

Posted May 2, 2004

Adivas Ceremony in ISKCON Siliguri

Dear Devotees

Dandavat Pranams

On the April 21st 2004 we had a very auspicious Adivas ceremony for the Installation of the 5 small temples in ISKCON Siliguri around the Big Main temple of Sri Sri Radha Madhavasundar & Panca Tattva Bhagavan, There were many activities during the whole day including a very ecstatic procession for the main streets of the city of Siliguri preaching and promoting this important spiritual event of the Deity Installations that will happen today on the Akshaya Tritiya April 22nd 2004.

The Vastu Homas were performed in Yajna Shala by HG Bhadra Caru Prabhu, HG Caitanya Bhagavan das and HG Devarisi Prabhu with other brahmanas from this temple.

At night in a very auspicious time we had the Adivas ceremony of the Installation of the Deities of Sri Sri Prahlada Lakshmi Narasimha dev in the temple that has the original design of the S0uthindian Temples.

HH Jayapataka Swami conducted the ceremony while we all were eagerly waiting outside the temple for the first darsan of the most merciful protector of the devotees, Sri Narashimha Dev while we were chanting the Mahamantra and the Narashimha prayers.( I had the mercy to sing the first Narashimha prayers to the Lord as i was amazed when one devotee called me to lead the kirtan, after that i remembered begging to the Lord 2 years ago to let me do this and by HIs Mercy it happened this time even i had forgotten that request to His Lordship) So we had the first darsan before the eyes opening and later we had the darsan and the performance of the respective rituals for the Adivas Ceremony that were done with the assistance of Their Holinesses Bhaktipurusottama Swami and HH Bhaktisidhanta Swami Maharaja.

For this occasion there were many devotees from Siliguri as well as from the nearby areas under Namahatta that came to participate as well as to be initiated by HH Jayapataka Swami that was not possible to do before midnight, so this initiation ceremony started at midnight finishing 2 hours later.

Today we will have the Pranpratistha celebration and this morning while I am writing this report it was raining as a symptoms of auspiciousness as it was yesterday with winds and storms while the installation of Lord Narashimhadeva's Adivas ceremony, everyone was saying , this is very auspicious.

As you all know today is a very auspicious day to start any project and succeed except the timing between 1:15 pm and 3:00 pm as I came to know are not auspicious, so all the Pran Pratisthas to all the temples, ( Sri Sri Sita Rama Lakshman Hanuman, Sri Sri Jagannath Baladeva Subhadra, Sri Sri Lakshmi Narasimha dev and Lord Siva) will be done before noon.

We encourage the devotees to please help this project by sponsoring These temples or Deities as well as the maintenance of the same since this very important and beautiful project of preaching the glories of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is located in a poor area and needs the help of all the devotees, we invite all of you to come and take darsan of These Deities when ever it is possible for you.