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Tallahassee Ratha Yatra April 1

by Visnu Dasa

Posted March 31, 2006

Come and join us ! Tallahassee Ratha Yatra

The Tallahassee Ratha Yatra will be on April 1st beginning at 10:00 am. The procession will start on Monroe St. (just like last year). Everyone will be treated to a sumptuous feast at the end. The actual parade is about one hour. Families and children are encouraged to attend. 10,000 spectators are expected on the route who will be watching and listening. The large Jagannath Deities cared for by Mother Yadunandan will be present. Harinam in the crowd like last year will happen at the end of the parade with great opportunity to distribute books. Free bus will leave the Alachua temple at 7:00 am Saturday April 1.

There will be a free feast after the Ratha Yatra at approximately 12:30.

For more information contact: Ramiya dasa 386-462-3846 (in Alachua) or Daru Brahmin dasa 850-212-4280 in Tallahassee.