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Renowned Ox Power Experts Meet


Posted March 29, 2005

As a consequence of participating in the TAWS workshop on the 15th of April, 2004, Paul Starkey, a consultant specializing in animal traction and also an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre of Agricultural Strategy, University of Reading, requested a site visit to Bhaktivedanta Manor for the next day. Accompanying him was Drew Conroy, lifelong ox teamster, prolific writer on working oxen, international ox trainer PHD, and lecturer in dairy science. There was also Jorg Bremond from Germany with knowledge of padded harness for oxen and Cozette Griffin-Kremer from the French center of Ox History and Techniques.

Read more about the visit and view photos here

Sumitted by Chayadevi
ISCOWP Secretary
Iscowp Inc