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Invitation to Goura Purnima From Murari Sevaka Farm

by Murari Sevaka Farm

Posted March 15, 2008

The festival will be held on Saturday, March 22, 2008. We are expecting hundreds of guests and devotees. The highlight of the festival is a tradition established last year, the maha abhishek of our large deity of Lord Caitanya, Sri Gouracandra, a unique opportunity where everyone is welcome to bathe Him. There will also be a fire yagna, bhajans by Vani, a lecture about Lord Caitanya by Balavanta Prabhu, maha, arotik, and kirtana led by Gayatri das. We'll serve a free multi-course prasadam feast sponsored by Yoga Rupini Devi Dasa, Bhabendra Putatunda, and Kirtida.

In preparation for the festival we are renovating, painting, and hoping to re-roof the old temple building. We are also working on finishing the new temple building; new windows and doors have already been installed. The bathhouse and the cabin guest quarters are being refurbished as well. This has all been made possible by donations from Balavanta Prabhu, Yoga Rupini Devi Dasi, Gayatri das, by the efforts of Bhakta John & Christina Aquila and by the hard work of Rob & Christie Vogel.

The professionals who came to install the windows and doors on the new building are reading Srila Prabhupada's books, taking prasadam every day and trying chanting on japa beads! The electrical contractor happens to have a radio program and offered to broadcast the Goura Purnima event for free. He even promised to attend the festival with his family and he took a couple of Srila Prabhupada's books and said that he would read them right away. The delivery boy who brought new washing machines, commodes and sinks said that his father was interested in yoga, organic foods, and things from India. He said that he would be sure to bring his father for the occasion.

One month before the festival Rama Vigraha Prabhu and his wife Murali Priya Devi Dasi came back from India with many, many presents for Nitai Gouracandra: ten new outfits, crowns, new shoes, necklaces, bangles, silver plates & cups, a silver arotik tray, fragrant oils, incense, tilak, a festival umbrella, and golden kalashes & chadders for the abhishek. They also brought a golden necklace of Salagram Silas for our Deity of Lord Nrsimha who was carved from a branch of the Siddha Bakul tree from Puri. Come & participate in this historical festival.

4:30 am Mangala Arotik
5:00 am Mangala Homa Fire Sacrifice
3:00 pm Bhajans and Entertainment
4:00 pm Abhisek for the Large Deity of Sri Krishna Caitanya, sponsor a golden Kalash for $108! (Everyone is welcome to bathe the deity, cleanliness is essential.)
5:00 pm Lecture
5:30 pm Moonrise Arotik
6:00 pm Prasadam Feast