Chakra Announcements

Children's Harinam Team in Mayapur

by Ila devi dasi

Posted March 6, 2008

Now that the Mayapur Nagar Sankirtan Department ("Nagar Sankirtan" is better known as "Harinam" in the west) has been in existence for a year, the need for engaging the youth more, even from a very young age, has resulted in the formation of the Junior Harinam Team - for children below 10!

On Saturday 1 March the young kirtaneers had their first Harinam in public around Srila Prabhupada's Samadhi and the Grhastha area. A flat rikshaw was used to seat the leaders and mrdanga players (drums can be really heavy to carry) whilst the others followed, carrying colourful flags. Turns were made to give everyone who wanted a chance to lead the chanting, and parents were pleased to hear how sweet the voices of their children are.

Shastra Prabhu assisted in guiding the singers, whilst other parents guided the parade, encouraged the children, kept them together and of course, took lots of photographs for memories. The mood was kept light and happy.

The Children's Harinam met briefly with the main kirtana party of about 50 devotees going around Mayapur campus, and adults exchanged encouraging looks with the young singers. The main adult kirtana party became ecstatic as HH Radhanath Swami joined them, and children ended the day happily as the effort was rewarded with Prasadam - ice cream, cake, pizza and juice.

The event was attended by approximately 30 children, and due to the success of the day the Nagar Sankirtan Department will do regular children's Harinams - once a month for the small ones - just enough to keep it exciting. As their interest grows the team might go out more regularly.

The Nagar Sankirtan Department wishes to thank all parents and well-wishers who assisted on the day and who kindly sponsored the Prasadam.