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Leave No Stone Unturned

by Sandamini devi

Posted March 3, 2009

I've been trying to meditate on how to bring more people to the temple and make Krishna consciousness attractive to the public in a way that is financially self-supporting.

Here in Tucson, Arizona, where the weather is ideal most months, we have taken advantage of the many holidays, both Indian and western, to have large outdoor festivals. Being inspired by the success and devotion of Caru and Vaibhavi prabhus in Utah, we take every opportunity, or create an opportunity, to celebrate the culture of Krishna Consciousness.

Last week we honored Lord Siva, something most temples may not do, but the result was that 300 guests, mostly westerners, came to the temple, chanted, danced, honored prasad, and appreciated unique stage performances.

Especially if you want to attract westerners, you may need to "think outside of the box" in terms of promotion, entertainment and advertising. The non-devotees are very innovative and are motivated to go to great lengths to do their "service" for Maya. Can we not be just as eager to please our spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, and receive his unlimited blessings? Festivals are a great way to showcase the diverse culture of Krishna Consciousness, make friends, and share the colorful life of a devotee.

For more information and ideas on running successful festivals and supporting your temple, write to Caru at the Utah Krishna temple, or if you are interested in a smaller, scaled-down version, write to me at:

Here are some pictures from our Sivaratri Festival on February 23, 2009.