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Announcing Kulimela 2006 In New Vrindavan. All Second Generation Welcome.

by Bhimasena Jones, Kulimela Organization Team

Posted March 3, 2006


( Kuli - family, community, or tribe; Mela - gathering )

New Vrindavana June 14th - 18th

Join us in a 5 day festival to celebrate and unite our community!!!

Kulimela is a festival to inspire and showcase the 2nd generation in a mood of personal and spiritual development. A variety of seminars, workshops, and entertainment will provide an exciting environment in which we can network and explore who we are as a community. For further information and to register please visit

"Kulimela is a Festival of the best kind: Networking, training, visioning our future, and tapping into the great potential that our second generation has to offer" Anuttama Dasa, Director of Communications ISKCON North American

With almost 200 registered attendees and many more expected from around the world, momentum for Kulimela is building. The organizers are being helped by the collective energy of various youth groups such as the Vaishnava Youth Ministry and Pandava-Sena N.America in bringing together the largest assembly of 2nd generation youth from the Vaishnava movement. An exciting line up of entertainers and speakers is steadily developing. Our list of speakers and presenters includes successful entrepreneurs and business people and numerous professionals: teachers, doctors, lawyers, entertainers, counselors etc.

" Kulimela will be a productive, relevant and practical event focused on the needs of our generation with the aim of improving communication and networking across our community " Bala Keilman

We respectfully invite everyone able and willing to get involved and offer some of their time and talents. Please contact the Kulimela Organization Team with your ideas and inspirations by emailing

"It's been a tremendous opportunity to work with everyone on this project. Everyone has put a lot of effort into making this something astonishing for our generation." Kapila Monet

Considering that many of us have families, a fun-filled "Kid's Camp" has been set up to provide our children with a wonderful experience as well. The Kid's Camp will run throughout the days for the duration of the festival.

We are looking for generous financial pledges and sponsorship to ensure that the Kulimela festival will be free of charge (Prasadama and presentations). A reduced lodging rate of $10 per day/per person has been kindly granted by the Temple Lodge Facilities. In addition, a camping area will be provided with a small utilities fee.

Thanks to Manu, mass transportation has been arranged to bring people by bus from New York Ratha-Yatra and Alachua. Reserve your seats and rooms early to avoid disappointment by emailing with your travel plan. For more information on travel times, how to book your lodging, and dates please visit our website

We look forward to seeing you all at this momentous and empowering event!