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Life Skills / Personal Transformation Seminars

by Satvatove Institute

Posted June 26 2005

Life Skills / Personal Transformation Seminars
Combined Course, Gainesville, Florida, August 12-21, 2004

Satvatove Institute offers a variety of courses and workshops designed to enhance helping abilities, facilitate personal growth, and generate rewarding results in your life and relationships. The nature of Satvatove's courses is interactive. Students participate in processes that allow them to experience their own realizations of the skills and principles.

The Combined Course is an intensive 85-hour seminar that integrates communication and relationship skills with potent principles of personal transformation. This seminar consists of the Foundational and Advanced Courses. Students can register for the 27-hour Foundational Course, or the full Combined Course. The 9-day format of the Combined Course provides an environment for participants to deeply examine all areas of their lives, and to profoundly connect with each part of themselves.

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