Chakra Announcements

Rainbow Gathering Location Announced!

by Bhakta Eli Drury

Posted June 12, 2005

Dear Devotees,

The Location of the North American National Rainbow Gathering has just been finalized by the Spring Council.

It is approximately 3 hours South of New Vrindavan similar to the gathering back in 1980.We are extremely fortunate to be so close this year.It is a great opportunity to share Krishna Consciousness with so many souls.Please come to New Vrindavan at the end of June/ Early July to the hub of the Krishnacamp where rides and other facilities will be available to and from the rainbow gathering.

We are also preparing a massive festival to be held during the weekend of July 9-10 in which hundreds of Rainbow people will most likely attend.Anyone interested in helping with this festival is invited to.It will also be the New Vrindavan Ratha Yatra festival as well as the wedding of Bhima and Jennifer a local New Vrindavan couple.

Hare Krishna
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