Chakra Announcements

Krishna European Youth

by Deva-Shekhara Das

Posted June 6, 2006



The purpose of the following news is to INFORM YOU and all those interested about this summer's youth activities and initiatives at New Vrajamandala, Spain.

1.) Bala Gopal Summer Camp will continue this year!!

The camps, organised by Dharma Raja and many more devotees, every summer, are very important for the unity of our boys and girls and their experience of a devotional environment in Krishna Consciousness.

At the following address you can find information about the Bala Gopal Summer Camp which will run from the 7th of August till the 15th of August.

We invite you to participate. !!! (Limited Places).

2.) From the 20th till the 30th of August (After Janmastami, on the 16th) we will be celebrating a great event! This event is the European Youth Festival for Young Devotees. We have christened this event the 'KEY' - Krishna European Youth. 'Key' makes a reference to the importance of our youth in the future of the movement for Krishna Consciousness.

The youth are the key to the future. Srila Prabhupada repeated this on many occasions.

Anubhava Prabhu, from Italy, is responsible for giving impulse to this initiative in order to carry out this gathering at New Vrajamandala. We are expecting sixty youngsters to visit, as a minimum.

There will be many activities. We will also have a four-day adventure at the National Park of Alto Tajo. All the information is at the following address !!!

We invite you to participate !!! We will need people who could lend a hand. (Kitchen, Transport, Entertainment Etc.)

We need devotees who will pass on this publicity and we will also need assistants, coordinators and volunteers for the events themselves.

Any ideas, suggestions and taking part in the activities will be very well received and very much appreciated by their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Govinda Chandra !!!

Please get in contact with any of the organisers:

Anubhava Das: TELEPHONE +39051436863

Deva Shekhara Das: TELEPHONE +34949280595

We look forwards to receiving news from you !!!