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Counting down to NY Ratha Yatra

by ISKCON New York

Posted June 5, 2005

Sri Jagannath Rathayatra Ki Jai!!!

Dear Devotees and Friends,

We are now counting down the days till Lord Jagannatha makes his triumphant sojourn down Fifth Avenue, "the world's most famous street!" Ratha-yatra is on the 11th!

** What's happened so far: **

The temple is beginning to manifest its festival atmosphere, as the festival stage has been erected, the lights in place, and the festoons on their way up the walls. The Bhaktivedanta Players arrived safely last Sunday, June 4th, and are now rehearsing daily for the upcoming festivals. His Holiness Bhakti Bhringa Govinda Swami has confirmed his attendance, and will come with a select group of members from his band to delight the crowds at the festival and at the temple. Full page newspaper ads have been places in 7 of the popular Indian newspapers (India in New York, India Tribune, South Asian Monitor, etc.). Also you will see ads in the June 9 and 10 edition of the free daily paper: AM-New York. Overall, an estimated 500,000 people will read these papers and get the information for the Ratha Yatra festival. Furthermore, the postcards and posters for this year's festival are here, of which have been distributed in many locations in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Many of the festival elements have already been sponsored by generous devotees from the ISKCON NY congregation.

** What's left to do: **

Spread the Word! Please tell as many people as you can to come to this festival. Invite them to visit the festival website (see below) for more information. Help distribute postcards and posters in Manhattan. If you have contacts in the media, please share them with the temple so that we can make even more people aware of the festival.

Lord Jagannath wants you!! We need volunteers to come forward and sign up to help make this festival the best it's ever been. We need as many devotees as possible to come to the temple, Friday June 10, and help with the vegetable cut up, flower garland making, cleaning, truck-loading, etc. We need devotees to sign up for services during the parade and festival on June 11, 2005. We need devotees to help as wheel guards, book distributors, prasadam servers, clean-up crew, manning the book tables and prasadam snack booths, etc.

We humbly request devotees to come forward, and open their homes to host devotees who are coming for the festival. Please be assured, the temple management will only notify you with only qualified persons with requests for accommodations. This is our chance, as New York devotees, to render loving service to all the visiting devotees who will grace New York with their benevolent presence, and thus make advancement in our own Krsna Consciousness.

We are inviting all devotees to come to the temple every day from June 4 (Snana Yatra day) till June 12 (Sunday after Ratha Yatra) and take part in the festivals every evening of kirtan, hari-katha, dramas, and prasadam. We are really looking forward to, perhaps, the most successful Ratha Yatra ever held in New York, since Srila Prabhupada personally graced the NY Ratha Yatra in 1976. Of course, this will only take place when all the devotees come together, and humbly serve the Lord and each other, in a cooperative spirit.

If you are inspired to serve in the 2005 Ratha Yatra please contact the devotees listed below:



Your servants,