Chakra Announcements

Guyana Reunion and Ratha Yatra Festival (July 6-20, 2005)

by Krsna Kesava das

Posted June 1, 2005

All are invited to a grand and memorable Ratha Yatra and Reunion Festival to be held in Guyana, South America from July 06 - 20, 2005 by the mercy of Sri Sri Radha Gokulachandra.


Other guests will be:

The Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, the Indian Dance Troupe The President and other Government officials as well as various Hindu Temples and Organisations,would be invited to be part of the Celabration Maha Harinam and home programs are planned in all three counties where we have three newly-constructed temples. Thanks to the Guyanese devotees abroad especially those from New York who worked very hard and made a huge sacrifice to donate regularly to help build these temples.

The main Reunion get-together will be on July 13 and Lord Jaganath's Ratha Yatra Parade will be held on July 16, both in Berbice. Transportation to and from the airport (about 1 1/2 hours) and accomodation will be provided for guests for a small donation (if possible) to help with expenses. Guyana is a small tropical country north of Brazil with lots of natural beauty, fresh fruits and vegetables. Mangoes and coconuts are plentiful and cheap if not free. Please plan to attend and give us your association and mercy. If you are planning on coming please let us know by May 30th, 2005 in order to arrange group tickets for a more reasonable rate, and let us know by June 30 to arrange transportation and accomodation in Guyana.

Please contact: