Chakra Announcements

24-hour Kirtan in NV

by Radha Sundari dasi

Posted July 22, 2007

New Vrindavan Dham will be hosting a world-class 24 hour kirtan on August 18-19. North America's best kirtaniyas will be there along with special guests Madhava Prabhu (Switzerland/Vrindavan) and Gopala Prabhu (UK/Vrindavan/Mayapur), seasoned veterans of Aindra Prabhu's kirtan party!

Come immerse yourself fully in the ecstasy of the Mahamantra along with Acyuta, Ananta, Bali, Gauravani, Visvambhara, and friends!

For more details, contact Radha Sundari (, 304-845-9591). To book accommodation, phone the New Vrindavan Guest Lodge (304-843-1600, extension 111).