Chakra Announcements

Summer camp in Serbia

by Dvija-nayaka das

Posted July 18, 2005

Dear Devotees,

Please accept our humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada and his followers!

We have finally booked the term for the Vaisnava Summer Camp in Serbia, and it will take place again on Fruska Gora, in that same (fantastic) holiday resort as last year. That means: a) forest, clean air, fresh oxygen and amala prana, b) the unforgettable association of devotees, our dear Gurus, our dear prasadam, our dear Sri-Sri Gaura-Nitai with a number of Their expansions, c) bhajans, kirtanas, Nama Yajna, theather, recreation-basket (magical basket),...

The camp starts on 1st September with the chant: sarira avidya jal...., and finishes on 9th September with the chant: vanca kalpatharubyas ca... The transportation for the devotees shall be organized, as it had been last year, on the first day of camp, 1st September, from Belgrade to Letenka.

His Holiness Sacinandana Swami will be present during the whole camp, as well as His Grace Rohinisuta Prabhu for the first five days, and His Holiness Jayapataka Swami said that He can stay first 3-4 days. Sacinandana Maharaja will, among other things, hold the seminar "Expieriencing Bhakti Rasa". Nama yajna is also planned, as well as the theather play, magical basket - question and answers, slide projection, and some other vaisnava cultural programmes. During the day, two seminars shall be held, plus the morning lecture. In the evening there shall be programme plus.

The price for the whole 8 days of camp is 72,00 EUR, which includes everything you need: accomodation, prasadam, programmes. The rooms are with 4-5 double beds (high beds) but we used only the down beds because there were enough rooms last year. If someone would like to be in the same room with a group of devotees, upper beds can of course also be used. There are enough bathrooms and toillets, as well as the hot water. There will be no tents, since all the devotees will be situated in rooms.

The best would be that, like last year, you already arrange who you will stay in the room with, so that we don't put you in some room only considering the free space, but that you arrange for yourselves to be in a room with friends or your family.

If you want to register for the camp and transportation by bus from Belgrade on 1st September, 2005, you can do it by sending an e-mail to:, or by phone: +381 63 89 66 727 - Mathura Kisori d.d., and for any questions please send an e-mail to: madhva@eunet.yu, or phone: +381 63 396 237 - Madhva Muni das.

Devotees who would like to bring their Deities to the camp are humbly asked to make a reservation for Their Lordships, too, so that we know how big an alter to build.

Devotees younger than 7, and who wish to bring their parents to the camp, are asked to register to Bhaktin Lana (3 years), who is also bringing her mother bhn. Jelena. They shall, together with other kids and mothers, make the best use of the free time for kids, which includes: play games, do theather plays, ... Please register on Lana's e-mail address:

Hare Krishna!
See you!
Your servant, Madhva Muni das


Thank you for this wonderful camp, spontaneous and full of goodness. All glories to all the devotees of Lord Krishna!!! See you again next year, with more intensity and stronger, in the service of the devotees.
Your servant Rudi Osijek

The best camp ever!
If it could happen again...
Daksa das (Sarajevo)

The camp was totally space-out, but I have never been happier.
Mahajvala das (Split)

There, there devotees, I have cried myself out a little... which means that this camp was a total success... a step forward. Please give me your blessings that all my steps be steps forward.
Your servant (Bhn. Maja) Syama Mayi (Sarajevo)

Warm atmosphere, association and spiritual uplifting are my impressions. I wish both you and us more of such camps.
Vraja Kisor das (Skopje)

Thank you so much, it was very extatic.
But the best gift is, still, your love and care.
Ekangini (Split)

Thank you so much on your wormth, care and love.
Lots of love for you all
Your little dog from Sarajevo
Madayanti dasi

Very nice association. Very inspiring relationship among the vaisnavas. Suggestion to the organizer is to impruve the timing and schedule of the programmes and also organize the technical part to record all the seminars and programmes.

Thank you very much for the nice camp. To us grhasthas the most important thing is associating with you dear Vaisnavas and thank you for this opportunity.
Kandarpa-manjari d.d. (Subotica)

I think that I shall remember this camp my whole life, because it was so nice associating with the devotees and Sacinandana Swami accepted me as his disciple.
Yamuna (Skopje) 8 years

Great, see you next year. The place is great, prasadam is great, not to speak about the programmes...

A wonderful opportunity to please the devotees and steal a few blessings... Vaisnava-kripa ki Jaya!
Danurdhara das (Smederevo)

Haribol! It was very nice and satisfactory. Organize the camp here again. Suggestion: Non-regular daily programmes resulted by frequant cancellation of the seminars or SB lectures. If this could be avoided a bit more, it would be perfect.
ys. Dvija-nayaka das (Zagreb)