Chakra Announcements

New Goloka's 1st Annual Children's Ratha

by Devadeva dasi

Posted July 10, 2005

New Goloka's 1st Annual Children's Ratha Yatra, held on June 4th, was a great success! The day was packed with activities and everyone in attendance had a great time. Events included Lord Jagannatha's parade, a presentation by M. Kamalini's pre-school class,balloon show with M. Sadhvi, Odissi dance by M. Campakalata and M. Karuna, aroti and class by H.H. Bir Krishna Maharaja. Of course, Jagannatha's festival would not have been complete without an enormous feast, which was a combined effort of temple cooks and community members.

The organizers of the Ratha Yatra would like to extend sincere appreciation and gratitude to all devotees who attended the festival. The spirit of community was strong and the service attitude of all the devotees was very much in the mood of ISKCON's wonderful example, Jayananda Prabhu. We would especially like to thank the temple devotees for their cooperation, Dayavira Prabhu and of course, H.H. Bir Krishna Maharaja.

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Your servant,
Devadeva dasi