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34th Annual Toronto Ratha Yatra

by Adikurma Das

Posted July 1, 2006

What could be more festive than a colorful Parade with the Lord of the Universe, free feast, a ferry ride, free concerts and meeting your devotee friends? Yes! It is a total spiritual package of glorifying Lord Jagannatha and association of devotees for two consecutive days in the heart of Toronto. Welcome to 34th Annual Toronto Ratha-Yatra. It is a real experience. If you havenít tasted it yet, this is your chance to experience the largest Ratha Yatra in North America with over 35,000 attendees every year.

Venue dates: July 15-16, 2006
RY parade starts at 11.00 a.m. on Saturday, 15th June 29, 2006 (Yonge and Bloor intersection)
Festival continues at the Centre Island for both 15th & 16th June, 2006
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Footage from last year's Toronto Ratha-Yatra can be viewed at: Click Here