Chakra Announcements

The Year of the Ox

by Save the Cow

Posted January 30, 2009

January 26, 2009 marks the beginning of the Chinese year 4707. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, this is the Year of the Ox. The Ox, one of 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, symbolizes prosperity through hard work, resolve, and tenacity.

While economists hope this fortells a bullish financial market, we at Save the Cow see it as an opportunity to increase and improve our service to Lord Krishna's beloved cows and oxen. This auspicious opportunity is open to all and depends upon your generous contributions. Let's work together to make this Year of the Ox one of wonderful progress in the cause of go-seva, cow protection.

Please support the cow protection program (or programs---the more the merrier) of your choice. For more information about Save the Cow and to see the latest additions to our website, visit