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Removing the Weeds

by Malini d.d.

Posted January 28, 2004

Dear Devotees,

You've probably already heard about the Vaisnava Life Skills and Personal Transformation seminars. Maybe you know someone who's participated in one of these trainings. These seminars have benefited hundreds of devotees around the world.

Please read about their experiences and consider what value you could personally derive from taking the course. Consider which of the different areas of your life, such as relationships, services, spirituality, or career could benefit. Here is what Sacinandana Swami wrote after completing both the Foundational and the Advanced course: "The excellent transformation course of Dhira Govinda Prabhu is concentrating on removing the weeds. Almost 15 years of course development went into this highly experience-oriented seminar. The techniques and points, while consistent with Vaisnava philosophy, are recognized by the professionals, since Dhira Govinda Prabhus has a Ph.D. in social work and many years of experience as state counselor and welfare worker.

"I personally participated in the 9-day course (3 days life skills & 6 days transformation) and profited immensely from it. I feel relieved by recognizing and releasing old and not useful thought and behavior patterns, and empowered by learning to connect with my dharma and true personality.

"I strongly recommend you to take the course and judge it on its own merit: Nothing will convince you as much as your own transformation."

Participants of the Foundational course found that their experience enhanced the qualities of their relationships. They gained communication skills and the ability to truly listen and understand others. Many found the experience empowering; they felt they had grown from it. They are now clearer on their goals and ready to take more responsibility for their life. Varaha Murti dasa (book distributor in Berlin) wrote: "This course was very important for me. Especially to learn how to listen empathically will be very good for my service," Richard (Gainesville) "I have renew my vigor for spiritual growth. I have "snapped out" of a dark negative state of mind." Balavanta dasa (Alachua) shared "It was helpful in my attempt to learn to give internal respect and integrity to all creatures equally as temples of the divine."

Building on the groundwork of the Foundational Course, the Advanced Course is an intensive, highly experiential seminar that addresses life issues in a substantial manner. In the Advanced Course participants explore more fully the real-life, practical applications and insights gained in the Foundational Course. The communication and personal growth tools acquired in the Foundational Course assist this process. Students identify their most genuine, authentic commitments and gain clarity and conviction to act on them. Participants open new possibilities for satisfying accomplishments.

Ganga Dasi (Vaisnava youth, editor of Hare Krsna World): "Dhira Govinda's seminars were wonderfully beyond my expectations. I have benefited tremendously from them. I attended the foundational course with a fair amount of skepticism, but after applying myself to the concepts and exercises, I gained practical tools that factually enhanced my life and relationships with others. So my interest and desire to participate in the advanced course was born. My experience in the advanced seminar has changed my life for the better emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have been able to change behavioral patterns that blocked me from tapping into the areas of strength and talent that Sri Krsna has given to me. I am more able to realistically consider my personal strengths and weaknesses and to truthfully progress from there - greatly reducing my disturbing swing of accepting and rejecting things from a distorted viewpoint. My relationships with others are now of a much higher quality, which is so satisfying. The seminar was very real for me because I participated fully with the intention of offering a better, more clear and vibrant self to Krsna, His devotees and the world. It reminded me of Srila Rupa Goswami's instruction to accept the things favorable to devotional service since the seminar has had such a positive impact in my Krsna consciousness. I am much more open now to receive and reciprocate Sri Krsna's love. I highly recommend the seminar for those who want to uncover all their unique potential and to connect with others in a real and heart felt way.

Pranava dasa (Sweden): "I found a lot of inspiration and enthusiasm for my Krsna consciousness, so I very much recommend this course."

Mathurananda dasi (Vaisnava Youth, France): "I was in French gurukula from 2 years old till 12 years old. In six days in this seminar I got more value than I did in my entire life. I've done more work on myself than I did in my whole life."

Smita Krsna Maharaja (Sweden): "This has been a very rewarding course. It will have a significant effect on my spiritual life, my life on the whole. It has been fun, and demanding. If you want an easygoing life, without challenges, don't take this course. If you want to have a real life, and are prepared to meet challenges in order to live a better life, then I recommend it. Hare Krsna."

Brahma Tirtha dasa (Gainesville, Florida): "I found the experience of the transformational seminar to be remarkable. It allowed me to discover, face and begin the removal of patterns of behavior, which stifled my spontaneous Krishna consciousness and meditative processes... Dhira Govinda is expert at this type of facilitation. I have never attended any seminar which was so remarkably well organized."

Saranga Thakur dasa (Gainesville): "In the foundational seminar, I learned to identify things that were hindering my growth and how to get my needs met in a healthy way. I learned how to recognize and deal with my emotions without suppressing or denying them; how to work with them and not be worked over by them. I learned what a gift it was to truly listen.

"Completing that first seminar gave me the impetus and courage to do the second, to really penetrate to the sources of my stuckness, to delve into my issues and transform or release them, and to connect without inhibition to my strengths and convictions."

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