Chakra Announcements

Festival of Inspiration '09 New Vrindaban, WV Usa

by Malati devi dasi

Posted January 27, 2009

Dates: May (*7th), 8th, 9th & 10th, '09

"Observe many festivals, that will keep both public and devotees alive. Temple means festivals and festivals means chanting and distributing prasadam!" SP-'73- letter to TKG

* Thursday May 7th is Nrshima Chaturdasi. It will be celebrated in grand style beginning at 6 pm in the evening in front of Sri Nrshima's altar.

There will be a series of work-shops, seminars, presentations, classes covering a wide range of topics related to Krishna Conciousnes, from the beginning levels to more advanced esoteric topics. Serious kirtans, along with other forms of transcendental entertainment will take place.

In addition, fantastic healthy Prasad is also served three times daily.

The organizers are looking for serious presenters to participate in the event. We want and welcome diversity to compliment the many areas of Krishna Consciousness that are available these days. If you are personally interested or can point the way to someone that might be, please contact Malati devi: 304-845-9591*

In addition, we have room vendors and informational type displays.

* (Please note that I will not be in my office between Feb. 2cd through Mar. 6th, therefore, it is best to use e-mail only during this time frame)