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Satvatove Foundational And Advanced Courses In Navadvipa Dhama, India

by Narahari das

Posted January 18, 2006

from February 25.06 - March 07.2006

Dear Vaisnavas and Vaisnavavis,

You are warmly invited to take part in these beautiful seminars conducted by Dhira Govinda Prabhu, Ph.D, Master of social work degree, B.Sc in Psychology. He is a sensitive and dynamic communicator and teacher.

This is a wonderful opportunity to go deeper in our own personal lives, get a better understanding of the needs and desires of the people around us, so that our relationships and sevaquality will be greatly enhanced. In the process of saranagati we learn to accept what is favourable in our development of bhakti. Participation in the courses enhances openminded and compassionate vaisnava communication, the heart of all our endeavours for advancement.

Hundreds of devotees from different backgrounds have expressed their gratitude and appreciation.

The two courses will be held in central Navadvipa, Madhu Millan Marriagehall, Paramatalaroad. Guesthouse rooms and prasad can be provided at low costs.

For more info and registration, please contact: (Narahari das)



Foundational Life Skills / Personal Development Seminar (27-hour, 3 days)

In this interactive workshop you learn and experience effective communication techniques, principles of interpersonal relationship, and powerful tools for personal transformation. Further, you identify blocks to success in your life, and achieve breakthroughs for creating deeply fulfilling accomplishments and relationships. You are guided to assume full responsibility for your experience of life, opening doors to new, exciting possibilities in all spheres of endeavor.

Advanced Seminar Experience (60-hour, 7 days)

In the Advanced Seminar you discover in yourself qualities and capacities for manifesting profoundly rewarding results and experiences in your life. Continuing your personal development from the Foundational Seminar, you explore your past and realize how it influences you. Consciously taking from your history what is useful and productive, you become inspired and driven by your vision and commitments, leaving behind patterns that no longer work. The Advanced Seminar provides a challenging, breakthrough environment for you to connect with your authentic self and soar to new heights.