Chakra Announcements

Child Protection Office Judge’s Training At Mayapur

by Tamohara das, Director, ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection

Posted January 16, 2006

I would like to inform the devotees that the ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection, will be offering a 4 day CPO judge’s training in Mayapur on February 27, 28, March 1, and March 2. This is between the end of the GBC meetings and the beginning of parikrama.

There is no charge for this course.

This is a very important service for devotees to take up who are interested in assuring the protection of our children. A panel of CPO Judges makes decisions regarding cases of child abuse, and we need sincere devotees to be trained in this service. This training is open to everyone, and we are particularly looking for Indian devotees to take advantage of this opportunity at Mayapur.

Qualification of judges: Those who will come to the training should:

  1. Have some interest in child protection issues (experience is helpful, but not necessary).
  2. Be devotees in good standing (following the regulative principles/16 rounds)
  3. Must be able to communicate in English.

Devotees interested in the training should directly contact me, so that I will know and prepare for the numbers that are coming. Please contact me at: or

Thank you for helping with this important service.