Chakra Announcements

New Year celebration with holy name

by Damana Krsna das

Posted January 14, 2004

We had in Slovenia every year New Year celebrations as preaching program. This year the devotees decided to have a slight different program. Previous year there were also different performances and competions. This year we had the following program. At 18:30 one hour Gaura Arati lead by Mrigendra Pr. and Narasimha arati by Sundari dd. After this dvd film of Vrindavan Dham filmed by Bh. Zoran this year. Tapta Kancanadi Pr. gave expert comments on the different holy places shown in the film. Mathuradhisha Pr. came back from his 1.5 years preaching all around the world, he was present also in the filming. So then there was prasadam. Devotees cooked delicious food cream cake, sweet puris, calzoni's then ginger tea. Many newcomers also come to join in the Hare Krishna holy name new year festival. Then the real nectar started at 21:40 with Nama yajna, which lasted till morning. Many different devotees sang Bh. Sergej, Bhadra Madhavi dd, Lalita Taruni dd, Jagad Prasu Pr. We had really nectarian nama yajna. Devotees sitting around Srila Prabhupada, and singing holy names we feeled great bliss. Singing holy names is the best of festivals and Srila Prabhupada gave us this nectar. So in Srila Prabhupada's association we didnt even notice when the clock passed the midnight point. We just sang and sang. Jai Hari Nama Sankirtana!!!