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Mayapur festival news

by Bhakti Purusottama Swami

Posted January 7, 2004

More Accommodation for the Mayapur Festival!!

HH Bhakti Purusottama Maharaja, December 29, 2003 :

We hear that devotees are afraid to come to the Gaura Purnima Festival because so many devotees are expected to attend - the place overcrowded, no accommodation available, and what about sanitary facilities?

There is no reason to be afraid!

Mayapur can accommodate thousands of devotees, as we have no scarcity of land and can go on constructing more and more temporary quarters.


So far 4,500 devotees have booked Accommodation for this Festival, and many more devotees are waiting for confirmation. We have decided to build more temporary, tent-like accommodations that are strong and comfortable for another 2,000 devotees. If you are planning to attend the Festival, Please book your Accommodation now! Write to Sidhartha Das

Prasadam :

Serving thousands of devotees is nothing extraordinary in Sridham Mayapur. It's traveling season here, and on ordinary weekend-days our kitchens serve from 7,000 to 10,000 devotees per day.

Not counting gurukulas and other facilities, we have three prasadam halls with a seating-capacity of 1,000 each. We are confident that prasadam distribution to visiting devotees will not be a problem.

Man power :

Devotees from many yatras in India have promised to help during this maha-utsav. There will be 1,000 devotee volunteers to perform various services during the Festival. HH Radhanath Maharaja will be heading a group of 300 devotees to help with the organization.


Special attention will be given to security arrangements during this festival. A fence around the whole campus is being constructed, and the Indian and West Bengal governments will send a 100-strong police force as protection. Because of the troubled world-situation, several police-teams with metal-detectors are permanently deployed in Sri Mayapur already. ISKCON's Security-Department will hire 200 additional guards for this Festival and the Nabadwip Mandala Parikrama.

Medical Help:

A team of doctors and staff of ISKCON's Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mumbai will attend to sick devotees. The Red Cross with various medical facilities will be present, too. As well as Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic doctors either here in Mayapur, or in nearby towns like Nabadwip and Krsnanagar.


Cleanliness in the Dham stands high on our list of priorities, and we will make sure sanitary facilities are available in sufficient numbers, together with staff to keep them clean and operational during the Festival. We are trying to reduce the number of mosquitos; still you should bring sufficient quantities of good mosquito-repellant.


A special reception-counter will be opened to receive visiting devotees, with more desks to serve arriving devotees quickly and efficiently. A separate counter for Russian speaking devotees will be available, as well as information-booths throughout the campus.

We are trying our best to make your stay in Sridham Mayapur as nice as possible. In spite of that we are depending on the mercy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Narasimha Deva to make the coming Festival a success. If you have any suggestions how to make the Festival even better, please contact me at: Plesae pray The Lord to make this fetsival a grand sucess.

Your servant
Bhakti Purusottama Swami