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Maha Harinam On Holi

by Bhaktin Andrena

Posted February 28, 2006

The ISKCON devotees of SRI KRISHNA CAITANYA MANDIR - 111-14 101 Avenue S.Richmond Hill, NY 11419 invites all devotees to a MAHA HARINAMA on HOLI the festival of colors on Sunday march 19Th commencing at 12 pm. The parade will start at 133 Liberty Avenue and will end up at Smokey Park Richmond Hill (5 mins from JFK airport)devotees will lead kirtan along with SRI SRI GAURA NITAI on a palanquin.An average of 40,000 people will be on the parade route. There will be kirtan for 4 hours at the park.

Please come out and enjoy a day of fun for the whole family and join in the ecstatic chanting of the LORD'S Holy names.

There will be prasadam and regular sunday feast at the temple after the parade.

For further information please contact SUNANDA DAS at tel no:718 848 9010, cell: 917 604 1085 or e-mail us at