Chakra Announcements

Announcing the Nominees for the First Vaisnava Film / Video Festival Awards

by Nrsimhananda dasa

Posted February 28, 2006

March 11th evening - Mayapur

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • to be announced on March 11th

Best Graphics/Special Effects

  • Gaura Gopal das (The Universal Teacher)
  • Sol Guerisoli/Ezequiel Guerisoli (Mother Ganga)
  • Bharadvaja das (Peace Formula)
  • Roce das (Channai)

Best Sound Editing

  • Madhudvisa das (Srila Prabhupada in Australia)
  • Peter Booker, Arcade Studios or (Destiny)
  • Ezequiel Guerisoli (Hare Krishna in Ukraine/Baltic Sea Coast)
  • Devala Gorrick (Waves of Destruction)
  • Gregor Laharnan (Mother Ganga)

Best Music Score

  • Kiron J. (Destiny)
  • Swami B. V. Giri (The Universal Teacher)
  • Little Gokool, Phlaguna das, Michael Maxwell, Frank Opperman, Bob Carlos & Siya Makuzeni(My Hare Krishna Family)
  • Devala Gorrick (Waves of Destruction)
  • Ezequiel Guerisoli (Hare Krishna in Ukraine)
  • Tadej, Main Bazaar, Deepak.V. Bharti (Mother Ganga)
  • Jaya Sacinandana das (Harinam in Prague)

Best Editing

  • Ezequiel Guerisoli (A Tour along the Baltic Sea Coast)
  • Tiny Laubscher (My Hare Krishna Family)
  • Ishan Shapiro (Pilgrimage to Ahobilam)
  • Jonathan Hebel (The Universal Teacher)
  • Madhudvisa das (Srila Prabhupada in Australia)
  • Daniel Rober Miller/Vince Lane, Mathi Alagan (Destiny)

Best Cinematography

  • Andrei Bocharnikov (Mother Ganga)
  • Mathew Morreale (Destiny)
  • Devala Gorrick/Dvija Priya (Waves of Destruction)
  • Pieter Snyman (My Hare Krishna Family)
  • Yadubara das/Nrsimhananda das (Pilgrimage to Ahobilam)

Best Script

  • Nari devi dasi (Peace Formula)
  • Gauravani Buchwald, Yadubara das, Jean Griesser, Jaromir Nemek (Mother Ganga)
  • Frank Opperman/Denise Slabbert (My Hare Krishna Family)
  • Ezequiel Guerisoli ( Hare Krishna in Ukraine)
  • Nrsimhananda das (Pilgrimage to Ahobilam)
  • Swami B. V. Giri (The Universal Teacher)
  • Radha Vallabha das (The Simple Temple)

Best Director

  • Frank Opperman (My Hare Krishna Family)
  • Rasacarya Partin (Rainbow Gathering)
  • Ezequiel Guerisoli (A Tour along the Baltic Sea Coast/Mother Ganga)
  • Yadubara das (Hare Krishna in Ukraine)
  • Devala Gorrick (Waves of Destruction)
  • Nrsimhananda das/Yadubara das (Pilgrimage to Ahobilam)

Best Picture

  • A Tour along the Baltic Sea Coast (Viva Kultura Foundation)
  • Rainbow Gathering (Eli Drury and Vidyananda das)
  • My Hare Krishna Family (Denise Sabbert)
  • Waves of Destruction (Devala Gorrick and Lindsay Tillman)
  • Hare Krishna in Ukraine (Niranjana Swami)
  • Peace Formula (Bharadvaja das)
  • Pilgrimage to Ahobilam (Nrsimhananda das)

Honorable Mentions (excerpts to be shown):

  • Kiron J. (Destiny) - Composer - Original Song
  • Gauravani das/Yadunatha das (PAMHO) - Producers/Directors - Variety Show
  • Frank Opperman/Denise Slabbert (My Hare Krishna Family) - Co-writers - Doc.
  • Phillip Auliac (The Krishna Experience) - Producer/Director/Camera - Documentary
  • Devala Gorrick (The Wedding) - Director/Editor - Documentary
  • Julien Guyonnet (Destiny) - Actor
  • Mathi Alagan (Destiny) - Producer/Director/Editor
  • Rasacarya (Festival of India tours) - Producer/Director/Editor - Documentaries

The Awards festival will be hosted by Nrsimhananda das, Praghosa das, and special VIP guests. Excerpts will be shown for each production in every category along with additional entertainment. The coveted "Nityananda" Award will be handed to the winners as well as cash prizes thanks to the generous donations of HH Giriraja Swami, Vishnu Murti das, Iskcon Television, and Gary David Goodman. An entire 2.5 hour evening will be jam packed with back-to-back films and presentations. The show is scheduled to begin promptly at 6:30 and finish at 9pm sharp.

The videos will be shown in their entirety on March 12th and March 13th in Prabhupada's Samadhi Auditorium beginning at 6:30pm. A schedule will be posted.

Submitted by
Nrsimhananda dasa
Director, Iskcon Television