Chakra Announcements

Devotees leave Mayapura on first day of Navadvipa-parikram

by Tusti Mohan Krsna das

Posted February 28, 2004

Today (24th) at 5:45 am, thousands of devotees form the world over left Sri Mayapura Dham for a spiritual tour on the holy Nine Islands of the pastimes of Their Lordships Sir Panca Tattva Bhagavan. (Navadwipa Mandal Parikram 2004)

This year is a very special parikram due to the celebration of the installation of the Sri Panca Tattva Deities and the 108th anniversary of the appearance year of Srila Prabhupada; so many devotees are present this time. The organization is improving year after year and, as security is very important, the organizers have spent a significant part of their time and resources in these aspects of this parikram.

Today the devotees left Mayapur early morning to visit three places -- by boat for 90 minutes to Mahadeva (Siva) Panca Mukhe, then to Narasimha-deva Pali and afterwards to the Hari-Hara-kshetra temple.