Chakra Announcements

Shiva Ratri, the Night Of Lord Shiva

by Krishna Temple, Utah

Posted February 24, 2006

Saturday February 25, 5 PM
Krishna Temple / 8628 S, Main St. / Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
798-3559 / 787-1510/

Schedule of Events

5:00 pm: Power point presentation on Lord Shiva projected onto a 9 ' X 12' screen. "Everything you always wanted to know about Lord Shiva, but didn't know who to ask." Caru Das, who has been to India 17 times, and received a Bhakti Sastri degree in Vaishnava studies (1979), will narrate.

5:30 pm: Rathayatra. A beautifully decorated and illuminated, hand carved 12 foot high teak wood Chariot will transport Lord Shiva around the temple verandah three times. In the procession will be devotees chanting and dancing, while guests will have the opportunity to lead cows and llamas on the circuit.

6:00 pm: Drama entitled "Lord Shiva Fights Arjuna", an episode from the great Indian epic, Mahabharat." Performed by Jai Krishna, Caru Das, & Blake Stewart. Narration, Divya Drsti.

6:15 pm: Yugoslavian born Neda Devi will present a dance to Lord Shiva called Ganga Jata Dhara, which praises Him for catching the torrential fall of the river Ganges on his head. Another dance will celebrate the pastimes of Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

6:30 pm: Drama entitled "Lord Shiva Marries Parvati." Cast-Niranaya Lohani, Jai Krishna Perry, Divya and Julio Frazier, Sydhartha Manna, Caru Dasa.

7:00 pm: Sacred Bathing ceremony (Abhishekam) of Lord Shiva accompanied by devotional chanting lead by Jai Krishna and Pragna Shah, and the projection of Lord Shiva's 108 names (and English translations) onto the big screen

7:30 pm: Concluding aratik ceremony.

Admission to the event is free.
A sumptuous, hot, multi course, vegetarian meal with drink will be served throughout for a donation of $ 6.00. A meal of this type would normally cost at least twice as much at a restaurant.
The temple gift store is stocked to overflowing with items recently brought back from India.

For more information call 801 798-3559/787-1510.

Normal Temple opening hours are 10 am- 7 pm daily: tours, gift store, Govinda's Buffet.

Next event: Festival of Colors (Holi) Saturday March 18th, 4 pm.