Chakra Announcements

Movie Nights at Mayapura

by Phani

Posted February 15, 2004

The ITV programs in the Samadhi auditorium combine both vintage shows and newly released material. Look for "PUBLIC PREMIERE" on the schedule to see the new nectar. Also, learn how YOU can write, produce, and direct your own Krsna conscious ITV-productions. We will help! Details will be explained during the showings. Copying of this message is strictly PERMITTED!!!

19th Feb---Your Ever Well-Wisher, 500th Anniversary

20th Feb---New Hare Krishna World 1, Benediction Moon

21st Feb---New Hare Krishna World 2, Golden Avatar

22nd Feb---Vaikuntha Man (including SP in Dr. Misra's ashram 1966), Prabhupada in New Dwarka, Prabhupada Nectar

23rd Feb---Hare Krishna People, World of Hare Krishna, Golden Avatar

24th Feb---Does Ford Have a Better Idea?, Temple of Understanding, Prahlada and the Krishna Kids

25th Feb---Padayatra Worldwide, A Day on Padayatra

26th Feb---Pilgrimage to Ahobilam, Timeless Village, Vrndavan Land of Krsna

27th Feb---Lou Grant, HK in the Movies

28th Feb---Ramayana (Western), Bilvamangala (Lokamangala dasa)

29th Feb---PUBLIC PREMIERE: Who is Krishna? (Boston '67), SP & KC in Australia including , Bullock Man, Children of Krishna

1st Feb---Poland Summer Festivals (2 different 20 min videos), PUBLIC PREMIERE: SP at Hippie Hill (1967) , PUBLIC PREMIERE: The Full Nectarine - a play featuring Srila Prabhupada & devotees '68

2nd Feb---Brilliant as the Sun, SKP @ O'Hare Airport, Sri Caitanya's Puri, Puppet shows: Ramacandra Puri, Rescuing Lord Caitanya From The Sea, Sanatana Goswami

3rd---Feb Mysterious Origins (NBC Show), Spark of Life

4th---Feb Prabhupada in Bombay, PUBLIC PREMIERE: Prabhupada on Tour (Africa, Mauritius, Venezuela, & Paris), PUBLIC PREMIERE: Yoga System - B.G. class (color) by Srila Prabhupada (LA, '72)

5th Feb---New (old) 1968 Ratha-yatra film with Jayananda Prabhu, Festival of India U.S. (20 min), SP Festival of the Chariots w/Srila Prabhupada! (Philadelphia '72)

6th Feb---Nimai of Nadia, Nilacala Mahaprabhu

7th Feb---Vintage Films of Srila Prabhupada (Gurudeva, Matchless Gifts, Swamiji, Happiness on Second Ave.), PUBLIC PREMIERE: Vaisnavas (San Francisco '67)

Sri Sri Pancha-Tattva are on Their Way

On January 30, 2004, work on the deities of Sri Sri Pancha-Tattva was completed, and on January 31 They started Their Journey from Kumbakonam (Kerala) to Sridham Mayapur. The deities are riding in one huge trailer, with 10 devotees escorting Them in a sankirtan bus, playing kirtan-tapes of Srila Prabhupada all the way. The same day the convoy crossed the border into Tamil Nadu and entered Andhra Pradesh on February 2.

At various places the deities and devotees are greeted by ISKCON congregational devotees, who are happy to serve them with hot prasadam on their way to Mayapur.

Today, February 3, they are expected to enter Orissa. Today morning they reached Visakha Patnam, a city in Andhra Pradesh. If everything goes well we expect their arrival here on February 4. This would be very nice and fitting, because that is Lord Nityananda's appearance day, but due to road conditions, they might arrive on February 5 only.

We request all devotees to offer prayers to the Supreme Lord, so that the devotees along with the deities will arrive in Sri Mayapur safely and in time.

your servant,