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Japathon On New Years Day

by Nisha devi dasi

Posted December 31, 2008

You are cordially invited for Japathon on New Year (1/1/2009), A day to make resolution!

What is Japathon, you may ask? Devotees come together and chant maximum rounds they can chant a day. Once one chants extra rounds, be it 1 or 50 extra rounds, chanting everyday becomes breeze. We find many newcomers take to chanting and many veterans chant 64 rounds on Japathon. (See Japa scores!

I witnessed this effect of Chanting on demons within my heart. (1 minute video)

This event will start at 9 AM at Hare Krishna Temple in Potomac MD. Satvik lunch prasadam will be served. You are welcome to join at any time 9AM-9PM.

Lord Krishna says in Bhagvad Gita, "Of the great sages I am Bhṛgu; of vibrations I am the transcendental oḿ. Of sacrifices I am the chanting of the holy names [japa], and of immovable things I am the Himālayas." Bhagavad-Gītā 10.25 Please reply with * Will Attend / * Will not Attend / * Most Likely will attend / * Most likely will not attend (with number of attendees (if any)) ASAP for prasadam estimate. For more info please contact Nisha devi dasi at nisha.rns @

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