Chakra Announcements

Japa-retreat In the Swiss Alps

by Krishna candra das with Tridandi Maharaja and Krishna Candra das

Posted December 23, 2005

We would like to invite you for a real spiritual experience. Many of us are already practising spiritual life for many years, and we all heard in many lectures and have also read in many books that the Holy Name of our Lords is the essence of our life. But have we already dedicated one week completely to the Holy Name? We do so many activities in this world, but why have we so little time for the essence of all existence?

If you want a real spiritual adventure then come to our japa-retreat in our Alp Ashram in the swiss mountains. ( ). In a completly peaceful area - no noise and disturbances!

From 23-29. January 2006.

What we will do:

We will chant at least 64 rounds every day.

We do not charge any fee. It is based on volontary donation.

But you have to be registered ( ) because we will have only limited places.