Chakra Announcements

Jagannatha ratha highlights New Zealand Santa Parade

by Bhaktavatsala das

Posted December 14, 2003

Jaya Jagannatha, jaya Baladeva, jaya Subhadra Devi!

On Sunday, November 23, 2003, Lord Jagannatha (the Lord of the Universe) graced Chistchurch, New Zealand, known as the Garden City, with His divine darshan, to the sounds of the conch and enthusiastic kirtan by the devotees here.

The Rathayatra was incorporated as a float in the Christchurch "Santa Parade" held annually prior to the festive season here. One local, passing by with his family, commented that it was the "best of all the floats." No question!

One city official, announcing the floats as they passed his location, was very enthusiastic about the Hare Krishna float, noting that it had been missed last year (it wasn't in last year's parade due to technical reasons).

The parade was sponsored by McDonald's, whose officials got the opportunity to do some service for the Lord and His devotees. Where the Lord of the Universe is, there is certainly eternality, knowledge, and bliss. All glories to Lord Jagannatha and His divine mercy on this world! Hare Krishna!