Chakra Announcements

ISKCON Brampton Presents

by Rajasuya dasa

Posted December 7, 2007

Yet again, within 5 months of it's first very successful offering of YOGA OF LOVE'S "DEVOTION" at Meadowvale Theatre in the Greater Toronto Area ISKCON BRAMPTON has another presentation..."ROLLING THE DICE".

"ROLLING THE DICE" is an excerpt from Mahabharata depicting the famous high stakes duel between cousins Pandavas and Kauravas that eventually lead to the battle of Kurukshetra. His Holiness Bhaktimarga Swami who needs no introduction in the Hare Krsna World and dramatics society has very kindly consented to direct the drama and play a pivotal part as well. Very ably co-directed by Durwood Allen from the Toronto Theatre the experienced & professional cast of the drama will, based on the great reviews from the rehearsals, give an wholesome entertainmentat the Meadowvale Theatre on Saturday December the 15th for the people of Greater Toronto Area.

The evening presentation opens with a stellar performance in the Odissi Dance form by the famous Laya Bhava Dance Troupe. After spectacular performances across North America Laya Bhava Dance Troupe is going to dazzle the audiences at the Meadowvale Theatre with their artistic narration.

With a very favourable response from the pre-promotions of "ROLLING THE DICE" the management at ISKCON BRAMPTON promises that the evening will be a memorable family entertainment for years to come.