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First day of winter celebrated at Mayapura Jagannatha Mandir

by Vrindavan Lila dasi

Posted December 7, 2003

On Saturday, November 29, Mayapura devotees celebrated Audana Sastri, the the day when winter begins, in Jagannatha Mandir. This is also a day when Jagannatha-deva, Bala-deva and Subhadra-devi are having Their festival, enjoying wearing starched cloth offered by devotees.

Early in the morning devotees went to Jagannatha Mandir. After taking darsan of Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra, dressed in new starched cloth, Jananivasa das prabhu gave class, which carried on until noon. He was telling us lots of nectarean stories about Jagannatha pastimes -- how He was discovered here in Mayapura and how the Rajapura village is actually the original Jagannatha Puri, a story of how Jagannatha slapped Pundarika Vidyanidhi's cheeks for criticizing this festival of offering starched cloth, as well as many more amazing pastimes of Jagannatha in Mayapura.

After that devotees honoured Jagannatha Mahaprasad, of which there was plenty, and everyone got fully satisfied.

Now we have winter in Mayapura. It is quite cool by Indian standards. So, if you are coming to Mayapura soon, don't forget to take some warm clothes with you.

[1. To expand the Mayapura Temple, the former covered portico is demolished.]

[2. Workers line eventual Deity room with marble facing.]

[3. Artisan stonemason expertly shapes marble pieces.]

[4. Contemplative devotees string fragrant marigold garlands.]

[5. Devotee girl offers flower garland to lingam at base of Siva-Parvati banyan trees.]

[6. Jananivas spices his talks with illustrative stories.]

[7. Mayapura deities of Balarama-deva, Subhadra-devi and Jagannath-deva.]

[8. Devotees honour simple but nutritious prasadam fare.]

All photos by Vrindavan Lila dasi