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Appearance of Srimati Radharani - 09/03/03

by ISKCON New York

Posted August 31, 2003

** The Appearance Day of Srimati Radharani **

Dear Devotees & Friends,

Please join us in the celebration of the Transcendental Appearance Day of Lord Krishna's topmost devotee - Srimati Radharani, on:

Wednesday Septermber 3, 2003

Schedule of Events:

6:30PM - Bhajans
7PM- Arati-Kirtan
8PM- Srimati Radharani Katha
8:45PM- Radha-Govinda Prasadam Feast

"... We pray to Radharani because She is the pleasure potency of Krsna. Krsna means "all-attractive." But Radharani is so great that She attracts Krsna. Krsna is all-attractive, and She is attractive (attractor) of Krsna. So what is the position of Srimati Radharani? We should try to understand this day and offer our obeisances to Radharani. Radhe vrndavanesvari.

tapta-kancana-gaurangi radhe vrndavanesvari vrsabhanu-sute devi pranamami hari-priye

Our business is "Radharani, You are so dear to Krsna. So we offer our respectful obeisances unto You."

tapta-kancana-gaurangi radhe vrndavanesvari vrsabhanu-sute devi pranamami hari-priye

Radharani is hari-priya, very dear to Krsna. So if we approach Krsna through Radharani, through the mercy of Radharani, then it becomes very easy. If Radharani recommends that "This devotee is very nice," then Krsna immediately accepts, however fool I may be. Because it is recommended by Radharani, Krsna accepts. Therefore in Vrndavana you'll find all the devotees, they're chanting more Radharani's name than Krsna's. Wherever you'll go, you'll find the devotees are addressing, "Jaya Radhe." You'll find still in Vrndavana. They are glorifying Radharani. They're more interested, worshiping Radharani. Because however fallen I may be, if some way or other I can please Radharani, then it is very easy for me to understand Krsna."

Lecture by Srila Prabhupada - London, Sept. 18, 1969