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Michiana Padayatra and Picnic

by Premabhakti

Posted August 29, 2003

First Annual Michiana Padayatra and Vegetarian Picnic

You are invited for all the clean fun on Labor Day, Monday September 1st, at 12 noon (MI time).


The Padayatra Procession begins at The HARE KRISHNA CENTER OF MICHIANA located at 2818 Mason St. Niles, Michigan, and will proceed south on Mason, west on Ontario , and south on Adams into the Madeline Bertrand County Park to the Tpenebee Shelter. The Niles Township Police Dept. has kindly assigned a patrol car as official escort.

We will be carrying the center's SHRI SHRI GAURA-NITAI and SRILA PRABHUPADA MURTIs on a newly constructed palanquin accompanied by musical kirtan, flags, balloons, etc.

Come early to participate in this joyous and fortunate event.


Location: Topenebee Shelter (next to the visitor's center)

From 1pm to 7pm (Michigan time)

Vegetarian food:

Spiritual Activities:

Recreational Activities:

Suggested Donation: $5 single, $10 family

Entry fee to the park: $3 per car (mention that you are part of the Hare Krishna Picnic)

Sponsored by
the Hare Krishna Center of Michiana
2818 Mason St
Niles, Michigan, 49120
Phone (269)687-9491

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