Chakra Announcements

17th Annual ISKCON Vrajmandal Parikrama

by Bhadra das

Posted August 28, 2003

"Let my eyes become overwhelmed watching the beautiful nectarean waves of the forest of Vrndavana, let my intelligence become merged in the nectarean ocean of the glories of Vrndavana, and let my body roll on the ground of Vrndavana due to being absorbed in the current of spiritual bliss. Oh, may I always offer obeisances at the feet of all living entities who reside in Vrndavana!"

Well, time has come again to experience that spiritual bliss in the month of Kartik by walking, chanting, dancing, and feasting through the twelve forest of Vraj, where Lord Krishna's pastimes are going on eternally.

This year, ISKCON's 17th annual Vrajmandal Parikrama will start on October 10th and will end on November 8th, 2003. Besides good prasadam prepared by devotees from Mayapur, good accommodations and other facilities will be arranged.

H.H Hanumatprekshak Maharaja, H.H Lokanath Maharaja, and H.H Radha Raman Maharaja will enliven us with Krishna Katha the whole month.

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