Chakra Announcements

Dance selections - Sat. 08/23/03

by Caru das

Posted August 19, 2003

These are the several dance selections which will be performed this coming Sat. evening at the Krishna birthday celebrations beginning from 8pm. Pallabi Mitra & Payal Mukherjee are students of Smt. Nandita Behera's dance school of Los Angeles. These talented pre teens have been training under their Guru for the last 6years. They have performed at various festivals all over the country.

  1. Mangalacharan - Odissi begins with an invocation to Lord Jagganath and other gods. This piece is dedicated to the guru who is considered as Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer of evil aspects of a students life.

  2. Pallavi - Means elaboration. This is based on a raga or melody which is soft and melodious. The movements are very graceful and lyrical. It is distinct in its exceedingly intricate, interwoven rhythmic pattern laying emphasis on pure dance.

  3. Our last item is a song especially choreographed for this occasion. It is called Abhinaya. Here artists express the meaning & mood of a song with facial expression and hand gesture. This song is dedicated to lord Krishna on his birthday.

In addition there will be a gala drama with dance, song, and comedy centering on the birth of Lord Krishna, special ceremonies and a huge vegetarian feast. Guests are invited to bring a fruit or flower or cooked vegetarian preparation to augment the huge vegetarian feast.

Just three weeks after this event will be the 17th annual Festival of India, Sat. Sept 13th from 4PM.