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Offering Krishna a Cord

by Vrindavan dasa

Posted August 17, 2008

Pavitraropana Dvadasi is the festival of offering Lord Krishna a garland made of threads. By doing so, one completes a year of worship, atones for deficiencies in worship, and increases purity. Just like other Ekadasis, one can be redeemed of sinful reactions by fasting and staying up on this special day.

We ordered a spool of silk cocoon filament, which we then twisted into 1x3 threads using a fan motor to speed up the process.

Then again, we twisted the 1x3 strands into 3x3. After the thread was purified, we tied knots to create beautiful silk garlands for Sri Caitanya.

Then the garlands were placed in a bamboo basket, on top of a copper vessel filled with water, inside a Sarvatobhadra Mandala, in front of the Lord.

At the start of the Vigil, we prayed as follows:

"Om. O cord, for purifying the worship of the whole year, please come today from the world of Visnu. Obeisance to you!"

Then the various divinities were invoked into the Mandala, as well as the 10 goddesses of the knots.

We proceeded to keep Vigil at night with arotik every 3 hours, song, dance, bhajan, reading of scriptures, Prabhupada videos, japa, and a 2 hour long fire.

The next morning, the garlands were offered to Caitanya, Nityananda, Giriraj, the fire pit, Prabhupada, Gurudev, and guests. For 24 hours, the garlands remain worn during which time those wearing a garland are committed to worship, celibacy, and eating only havisyana food (no grains or beans).

Next year, we will try to make extra large garlands and I hope they can be worn by Sri Sri Radha Madhava and/or Sri Panca Tattva at the ISKCON Temple.