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Burning Man Ratha Yatra 2007

by Rasikananda Das

Posted August 16, 2007

Please join us for Ratha Yatra at Burning Man 2007!

  • 50,000 people
  • 40th Anniversary of Ratha Yatra in America
  • Jagannatha Returns In Bay Area Counter-Culture Scene

In two weeks devotees from around the country will assemble to form Krishna Camp, the new wave of North American festival outreach.

This year Lord Jagannatha has found Himself a massive Ratha Yatra chariot! Now it's up to us to bring it to Him.

Festival of India will be hauling the full size cart from Vancouver to Reno.

To transport the cart 1,000 miles will cost approximately $2,000.

Kindly assist us in pulling Lord Jagannatha's chariot by sponsoring miles ($2 a mile):

Phone: 347-409-3897
PayPal: Via :
Checks: Please make checks out to 'Food For Life' and mail to:

Food For Life
c/o Caitanya Das
RD 1 Box 319
Moundsville, WV 26041

Watch the video of Krishna Camp's first foray into the wild world of Burning Man!: Watch on Google Video: Click Here