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Announcing Fall Retreat for Women

by Malati d.d.

Posted August 16, 2003



Especially for followers and well-wishers of Srila Prabhupada

Dates: Friday Oct. 10,t,h Saturday Oct. 11,th Sunday Oct. 12th
Place: New Vrindavan Community (304-843-1600)
(Appalacian Foothills of W. Virginia/ nearest airport Pittsburgh, PA)

Fee: $108 advance registration/ On-site registration fee will be $120.
(includes balanced organic based cuisine - B'fast, Lunch, Lite Dinner)
Information: Arcana 304-845-9591/ E-mail:

Accomodations: not included in above fee. Rustic cabins and on-site lodging available with Retreat Discount.
Contact Prema Bhakti @ 304-845-5905 (ext. 2) for reservations
Please state that you are attending the Retreat for your discount.

Workshops and Seminars: Various Yogas, Nature Walk, Making Herbal Remedies, Improving Japa, Licensed Massage Therapists, Heart and Soul Work , Devotional Themes, a Surprise Cooking Course, The Art of Making Your Web Page, The Seven Mothers, The Five Elements, Classical Bhajans, Odissi Dance for Beginners, Meeting & Milking Mother Cow, Doing Business for Krishna; Identifying and Dealing with Domestic Violence; Serving Srila Prabhupada: Past and Present; Astrology and the Bhagavatam; Marriage: The Next Level; New Age and the Vedas; Krishna's Healing Energies; Decorating Cakes & Making Candy; Campfire Serenades; Journal Writing for the Soul; Bhakti Shastra Intro's: NOD & Sri Isopanisad; Resolving Resentment; Raw "Cooking", Sprouting & Winter Gardens; Interactive Discussions: Finding and Appreciating Femininity; Purification (Sweat) Lodge.

Organizer: or call 304-845-9591.

                             Retreat Registration Form*

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E-mail address:

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 Postal address (include city & state & zip):

o Yes! I will attend the Retreat.
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o Yes! I want tax deductible receipt (you can collect receipt at check-in time)
*(the above information can be sent by e-mail to:  

Make check or money order payable to SAF

Send to:  Retreat
               C/o Malati Devi
               RD 1, Box 318
               Moundsville, WV-26041.

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