Chakra Announcements

Good Karma Fest

by Caru das

Posted August 8, 2005

What: The Good Karma Fest
When: Saturday August 13th, 6 pm
Where: Krishna Temple, 8628 S. Main St., Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
Contacts: Caru and Vai 798-3559/787-1510

Everybody could use some extra "Good Karma" and there will be lots of it available Saturday August 13th. Utah's one and only "Good Karma Fest" starts at 6 pm at the Krishna Temple one mile south of Spanish Fork on Main St.

Performing bands on the outdoor stage will be Kindred Spirits*, & After Hours**.

The Vedic Ensemble for Dramatic Arts will present the thought provoking, acclaimed play, "Butcher's Nightmare". Cast members are Randolph McKee, Debbie Frazier, Joe Perry, Virginia and Ganga Shibonis, and Justin Hardwick. Another comedy/drama entitled "The Big Book", illustrating the workings of the law of karma, will be performed by Randolph McKee and Caru Das. There will be film showings of "Food Without Fear" and "Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise", as well as a power point presentation by Caru Das on the big screen on "The Bhagavad Gita & the Law of Karma".

Tasty vegetarian meals, snacks, and drinks will be available for nominal prices.

Entrance is $ 3.00 adult/$ 1.00 children.
Call 798-3559/787-1510 for more information on the "Good Karma Fest".

* Kindred Spirits: Manti based musical group. They perform a wide selection from various artists (ie. Creedence, Doobies, Three Dog Night, Eagles, Elvis etc.), with some of their own creations. Vocals, lead guitar, mandolin, fiddle, drums, bass, & keyboards.

** After Hours: Eight Piece Funky Jazz and Blues Band, Carrie Scott lead vocals.

Best wishes, Caru das and Vaibhavi