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Sri Sri Radha Govinda Jhulan Yatra Aug 5-9 2006

by New York ISKCON

Posted August 5, 2006

Dear Devotees and Friends,

Tomorrow, August 5, 2006 is a auspicious day. This day is the start of one of the most awaited festivals among devotees of Lord Krishna. On this day the swing pastimes of Sri Sri Radha Krishna, the Jhulan Yatra, commences.

The swing pastimes of Sri Sri Radha Govinda are very elaborately celebrated across the various important temples of Vrindavan Dham and also the various temples of ISKCON, the world over. Here the small deities of Sri Sri Radha Krishna are brought out of the altar and onto a swing where all the devotees get a chance to personally swing the Lord.

At Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir, this festival will occur every evening starting at 7.00PM. We invite all of you along with your family & friends to participate in this festival and relish the ecstatic melodious bhajans & kirtans.

This festival will go on every evening till August 9th, Sri Balaram's Appearance day.

We hope to see you every evening! For directions to the temple, please visit our website @

Your servants,