Chakra Announcements

ISCOWP Harvest Workshop

by Chayadevi dasi

Posted August 1, 2004

WHEN: Labor Day Weekend, Saturday, September 4 (Labor Day and Janmastami Weekend)
WHERE: ISCOWP Farm in Moundsville, West Virginia

1) Learn how to preserve garden produce by canning and drying whole foods and vegetable preparations. (See photo below of some of ISCOWP's preserved foods for the winter months.)

2) Visit the protected cows and oxen.

3) Enjoy a farm lunch from our organic garden.

4) At the temple participate in the Labor Day and Janamastami festivities for New Vrindavans Radha Vrindavan Candra Deities.

ASAP - for free accommodations at ISCOWP Farm Contact: (304) 843-1658

ASAP - for accommodations at New Vrindavan Contact: (304) 843-1600 ext 111 10 am to 5 pm and 8 pm to 4 am

We are considering a friends and members brunch on Sunday morning depending on who would be interested.

So let us know! Further announcements of more details will follow.

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