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One Nation Under Love "In Love We Trust"

by Sudevi Sundari

Posted April 23, 2008

One Nation Under Love Festival

Free One Day Festival on Saturday, April 26th, 2008 1pm - 9pm

Location: Gainesville Downtown Plaza, next to the Main Public Library on University Avenue & NE 1st Avenue.

Love is the most powerful force in all existence! Love rests at the root of every movement, culture and religious tradition that aims to nourish humanity. Love is the common thread that weaves together our world's nations. Love is a global language we've all been intrinsically designed to speak fluently in.

Like the language of love, no other language is as widely understood as the universal language of music. Both love and music aim to affect the human heart in mystical ways unlike anything ever has or ever will. They serve as bridges between nations and peoples. They unite humankind under a singular flag that boldly declares: The forces that bring us together are greater than the forces that divide us!

In this spirit, we eagerly invite all of you and your family to participate, on Saturday April 26, for a colorful festival of talented artists, musicians and healers exclusively devoted to the celebrating the forces that unite us:

One Nation Under Love Festivals is proud to announce it's first production of an exotic celebration of Love through musical, literary, artistic and culinary offerings to the community.

Please join us for an enriching afternoon of dancing, yoga, interactive workshops, meditations, children's activities, poetic recitation, sacred story narrations, dramas, delicious international cuisine and much more! May we all live together joyously in one nation under love!

Featuring Performances by:

Sarva Bhauma & Mangala Sakhi

Dragon Fly Rhythms

Radha Mohan Bhajans

Rasika devi dasi

Sri Thakur & Friends

AZitiZ & K Tone

Krishna Rose & Radhaji

Rashik Priya dasi

Mukunda Prabhu

Manjari devi dasi

Naveen Krishna

Rupa Kishore

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