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Vaisnava Qualities Retreat

by Govinda Gopal das

Posted April 15, 2008

Please join us at the Northwest Vaisnava Qualities Retreat Aug 27th - Aug 30th, 2008. Our special guest is HH Bir Krsna Goswami. He will be presenting a series of interactive workshops on "Compassionate Communication". This is a wonderful opportunity to further develop our Vaisnava quality of compassion. Maharaja has presented these workshops in Europe and the US with great response. Attendees find the workshops have an immediate impact on their devotional lives by improving the quality of their exchanges with devotees and their understanding of themselves.

Maharaja will relate all these ideas to Prabhupada's teachings. Through practical examples and participation, everyone will learn how to apply them in their own lives to improve their devotional practices. Devotees are profoundly moved by the depth of the realizations they experience at these workshops.

Each day will begin with a devotional morning program, followed by the workshop. In the afternoons there will be plenty to do, including, hiking, devotional-themed games, and other activities for adults and children, all in the association of devotees. Each evening will end with another program. There will be plenty of activities for the children, so parents can fully participate in the workshops. This will be a great Krsna conscious vacation for everyone.

The retreat is located in beautiful Brooks Memorial State Park, about 2 hours outside of Portland, Oregon. The park is situated along the Klickitat River among the pine forests of the Simcoe Mountains.

Our facilities are seven cabins, sleeping up to 10, and a lodge with a large meeting room, dining area and full kitchen. Bathroom and shower facilities are conveniently located near the cabins and lodge.

Key Dates:

Early Registration - Special Price!
Now - April 30th
$85 per adult
$10 per child under 16

Regular Registration
April 30th - June 1st
$95 per adult
$30 per child under 16

Late Registration
June 2nd July 31st
$115 per adult
$45 per child under 16

Costs include lodging and prasadam.

To register or for more information contact:

Govinda Gopal das (
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