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TAWS/TAA/BVA Animal Traction Welfare - April 15, 2004

by Paul Starkey
Animal Traction Network

Posted April 11, 2004

Chakra, can you please post this announcement? It will be of interest to all devotees who are involved in cow protection, especially ox power programs. TAWS is a world leader in the cause of promoting the welfare of working animals, especially oxen. I'm sorry this is such short notice, but I believe that summaries of the TAWS workshop will appear on their website soon after the workshop. Your servant, Hare Krsna dasi.

TAWS/TAA/BVA workshop - April 15th 2004
at the Silsoe Research Institute, Bedford.

Here is an updated announcement of this one-day workshop which we think will be fascinating and inspiring. It is primarily for people on this list based in UK - apologies for cross-posting Please forward it to all who may be interested and please email us if you think you can come, so we have an idea of numbers. For further information and details of the location please see:

The title of the workshop 'Common ground: moving forward with animals' reflects the aim of identifying points of common interest among organisations and individuals working in the fields of agriculture, veterinary science, animal welfare, intermediate transport and socio- economic development in order to move the agenda forward, with greater collaboration and information sharing for the benefit of all the relevant stakeholders, including the work animals themselves.

The workshop will bring together a wide range of people concerned with working animals and their welfare, including agriculturalists, research staff veterinarians, representatives of the major charities and donor agencies, as well as interested supporters and students. The workshop will provide a stimulating and conducive environment to exchange ideas and information, and propose new initiatives and actions in this important field. We expect that there will be two donkeys (and a horse if required) available for the practical demonstrations of tillage and transport equipment and harnessing. There will be posters relating to rural transport, animal welfare and other topics. A range of publications, videos and other resource materials will be on display.

This workshop builds upon the success of last year's acclaimed workshop. Please go to the TAWS website ( for more details about TAWS and this workshop.

The main themes will be include:

We have several very distinguished speakers from Britain, France, Germany and USA. The discussion groups in the afternoon will benefit from the participation of people with valuable practical experience of animal utilisation and welfare in many parts of the world.

We are trying to make final arrangements for lunches, so please can you email Suzanne (details below) if you can come, and/or if you wish to mount a display or if you have any questions about the workshop.

Suzanne Rogers (nee Berry) and
14 Alexandra Road, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2PE.
Tel: 01932 820714

We hope to see you - it will be a very interesting day!

Workshop theme: Common ground: moving forward with animals

9.00 Coffee and networking

9.30 Introduction to the workshop

9.45 Keynote address by Lord Soulsby of Swaffham Prior

10.00 Introduction to Theme 1:
Animal power for crop production: new tillage or no tillage?
Theme coordinated by Jim Ellis-Jones and Andy Whitmore
Silsoe Research Institute

10.30 Introduction to Theme 2
Developing animal power for transport:
key roles for civil society, governments and welfare organisations
Theme coordinated by Paul Starkey, Animal Traction Development

11.00 Coffee and networking

11.30 Introduction to Theme 3
Working with other animal welfare organisations:
practical and ethical considerations
Theme coordinated by John Smales, Chief Executive,
International League for the Protection of Horses, ILPH

12.00 Introduction to Theme 4
Harnessing and yoking: practical experiences and lessons
Presentation by Jörg Bremond, ZADI, German harnesses for oxen
Presentation by Drew Conroy, University of New Hampshire, USA
on efficient yoking systems
Information on a donkey harnessing initiative by
Terry Davis, Harness Development Agency
Information on a 'Working Cattle' project and workshop by
Cozette Griffin-Kremer, Centre d'Histoire des Techniques, France

12.45 Lunch, posters and networking

13.30 Practical demonstrations of some equipment using donkeys
(and a horse if heavy equipment is to be demonstrated)
Thanks to Carl Boyd, Silsoe Research Institute, Carthorse
Machinery and others for these demonstrations

14.30 Introduction to afternoon session with brief reports on developments since last year's TAWS workshop

14.45 Discussions and working groups on each of the morning themes

16.30 Presentations of group work and plenary discussion

17.00 Conclusions and determination of follow-up activities

18.30 Optional dinner