Chakra Announcements

Nitai Gaurasundar Arrive at the ISKCON Camp

by Panca-pandava das

Posted April 9, 2004

Yesterday, Friday 2nd April, I arrived in Ujjain, I was travelling with four other devotees on the train from Mathura, we were collected from the station and taken to the ISKCON camp by jeep. The camp is only about eight kilometres away from the station and only took about ten minutes.

The Maharastra Padayatra team arrived in Ujjain on the 1st April, yesterday morning there was a procession with the rath and the devotees from the edge of town to the Jyotirlinga Mahakaleshvara temple.

In the afternoon all the devotees went back into town to the Jyotirlinga Mahakaleshvara temple to start our harinam to the ISKCON camp, with the Maharastra Padayatra rath behind with Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar presiding over the whole affair.

Before departing we took Nitai Gaurasundar to give Their darshan to Jyotirlinga Mahakalaeshvara and take darshan ourselves, after which we headed off to the ISKCON camp. However on the way we were held up by the main procession of the day with all the Mahants from the various Vaisnava sects attending the Kumbha Mela, they just had the Mahant and a few other devotees sitting on top of a jeep or some other vehicle, some had elephants and a few had bands, whereas we had the wonderful Padayatra cart and devotees chanting and dancing in a fired up kirtan. After they had all passed we set off in the opposite direction, but soon somehow we ended up again at the back of the procession, so this time we just followed along. This actually worked out nicely as there were thousands of people showering the procession with flowers all along the route, they all received darshan of Gaura Nitai and it also helped to promote the ISKCON camp, so the devotees were all dancing and chanting for the pleasure of Their Lordships with great pleasure and enthusiasm.

Their Lordships eventually arrived at the ISKCON camp at about 8pm.