Chakra Announcements

Gainesville gets life skills transformation seminars

by Malini dasi
Satvatove Institute

Posted April 7, 2004

Another opportunity to participate in the Foundational Life Skills Personal Transformation seminar is coming May 7 to 9 in Gainesville, Florida. You can be part of the journey and spend an unforgettable weekend working on your communication skills and personal development. This course provides an opportunity to improve your interpersonal skills in a structured and safe environment. Many find that after taking the course they feel rejuvenated both emotionally and spiritually. I am aware that many of you are already planning to take the course. For the upcoming seminar, we are offering a 25 percent discount if you register before April 21.

Many devotees from around the world and within our community have taken Satvatove Institute's courses. Many have felt inspired to share the affect of their experience.

"I would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for your most valuable work to please Srila Prabhupada by making these courses available to ISKCON devotees. I strongly feel that the time has come for Prabhupada's family to learn and use these vital tools in communication and empathy in order to serve Srila Prabhupada and Krsna in a focused, efficient, and powerful way." (Purnamasi dasi, Canada)

"Watering the bhakti lata (plant of devotion), while simultaneously pulling out the weeds, which disturb the growth of devotion, will quickly bring about success in our Krsna-conscious life. Dhira Govinda Prabhu's excellent transformation course concentrates on removing these weeds." (Sacinandana Swami)

"This seminar has opened up a lot for me. It has taught me to enter another human being's world and communicate at a very deep level, and in this way create highly satisfying relationships. I have learned how to very effectively make myself understood, how to understand others, and how to make sure others feel without a doubt that I understand them. These skills give me the power to dissolve the walls that are between others and me. I was a little concerned that this course would be rather dry and technical, however was pleased to see that the techniques are taught in a dynamic way and that my interest was easily sustained from beginning to end. There was plenty of hands-on practice to help me assimilate the different communication techniques." (Bhakti Lata dasi, Alachua)

"This seminar is perfectly in line with Bhaktivinodha Thakur's teachings, i.e. to focus on the three main processes: chanting the holy name, studying sastras and going through anartha nivrti. The seminar expertly deals with the third process, which has been widely ignored for a long time in our movement. It is a chance to really explore your own personality, benefit from and acquire relevant techniques to really pull the weeds that prevent you from happily advancing in Krsna Consciousness." (Gaura Bhavini dasi, Germany).

For more information about the course you can visit our website or contact us personally at, telephone (386) 418-8840.

The next course in Gainesville, Florida, will be a combined Foundational and Advanced Life Skills/Personal Transformation seminar August 7 to 15.