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Niles Rathayatra Progress Report

by Prema Bhakti das

Posted September 21, 2003

Tuesday 9/16/03


Niles Rathayatra will take place on Sat. 9/27/03 at 11am

In August, this Rathayatra was only a dream in my head. I was the only one working on it and planning this event, and I was far away in Russia. Now by the grace of Krishna, there are so many devotees helping to make it a reality:

Naraharideva and Bhakta Jesse prabhus from Grand Rapids are preparing the Rathayatra teeshirts for the devotees.

Naraharideva prabhu is calling everyone and inspiring them to come join the parade.

Bhakta Jason prabhu from La Porte has offered to help build the float.

Sunila Madhava prabhu (Temple President ISKCON Chicago) has agreed to bring Srila Prabhupada from his vyasasana to the Parade and back.

Michael prabhu from South Bend has been helping rebuild the engine on the 77 LTD Ford stationwagon that will serve as support for the float.

Today, I expect that the engine work will be finished. Michael and I replaced the cylinder heads, and we still need to reattach the accesories: distributor, spark plugs,alternator, power steering and radiator hoses and tune up the engine. Yesterday we began building the float by purchasing a used ladder-rack from an old van at the junkyard. It is very sturdy and will easily support Lord Jagannatha's altar.

We have purchased 20lbs of peanuts for the distribution of prasadam along the parade. . We have also purchased a wireless mic system. We are still in need of an amplifier to complete the sound system.

Still to be done:

  1. Obtain materials for Jaladuta Float

    2x6x10 and 2x4x10 boards, 1x3/4x8 furring strips, 1/4 plywood, 3/4 plywood, 2" pipe flanges, 2"x2' pipes

    tarp for canopy, vinyl paint for canopy, flag streamers, support poles for canopy.

    Stencils for decorating float: swan & lotus & tilak sign...

    for Srila Prabhupada's Vyasasana:

    3/4 plywood, upholstery cloth and padding, bolsters (?)

  2. Build Float and varnish wood surfaces.
  3. Build Srila Prabhupada's Vyasasana
  4. Setup batteries, solar panel and inverter for light & sound system
  5. Test light & sound system
  6. License and insurance for LTD

More to come...



Prema Bhakti dasa
Your servant in Niles